#CharlieHebdo Massacre… Protests against Pegida was growing louder but… Eurosphere agenda…

Prosecutor says 12 dead in attack on French satirical newspaper

At least 12 people were killed in a shooting at a satirical weekly newspaper Charlie Hebdo in central Paris

11 dead in shooting at satirical newspaper in Paris: police


A French police official says 11 people are dead in a shooting at a satirical weekly newspaper Charlie Hebdo in central Paris

A related video here.

 Pro-AKP Turkish dailies were quick to frame the news as Turkey daily tweeted: “the magazine that insulted our prophet was attacked”. This message was later deleted after backlash from users:


11 people are dead and several more wounded following a shooting at the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo in Paris Wednesday morning


VIDEO: Rallies against German anti-Islam group

Thousands of people take part in demonstrations to counter the views of the Pergida group, which says it opposes the “Islamisation” of Europe.
German ‘Islamisation’ demos decried

Politicians and celebrities in Germany join a campaign against Pegida, a group protesting against what it sees as the “Islamisation” of Europe.

After demonstrations against the anti-Islam Pegida movement in several German cities on Monday, prominent public figures from politics and business have signed an appeal against xenophobia. Pegida is forcing the Germans to show their commitment to democracy, some commentators write. Others accuse German Chancellor Angela Merkel of fomenting Islamophobia with her foreign policy.



Falling euro cause for celebration and concern

European manufacturers are happy with the falling value of the single currency, which allows them to export their goods more easily. But the mood is tempered by the threat of deflation, particularly harmful to indebted countries, and increasingly a worry for the ECB, which may begin a policy of buying up sovereign debt from 22 January. EurActiv France reports.




Spain’s Partido Popular’s snide attacks on Catalan

Spain’s ruling conservative fears a powerful, united Catalan-Valencian language and will do everything possible to keep them separate.


Germans take to the streets to oppose rise of far-right Pegida party

theguardian.com – Jan 5, 2:43 PM – Thousands of Germans demonstrated in four cities on Monday in opposition to the weekly rallies in Dresden against the perceived “Islamization” of Europe which have attracted growing numbers of supporters. Organizers of the…


VIDEO: Why is Angela Merkel so powerful?


Andrew Marr looks at why it is that German chancellor Angela Merkel Merkel is making such a profound mark on the lives of everyone in Europe, on the eve of her visit to the UK.

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