Turkey madhouse this evening: Suicide blast at Istanbul police station… #ÜmitKurt (14) killed in Cizre demonstrations…



This act can have consequences. It took place in Antalya a few days ago. The pantomime actor Oğuz Çekici was later detained and released in charge of attacking and insulting the police officers…http://www.diken.com.tr/polis-barikati-onunde-sokak-kopegini-seven-eylemciye-memura-hakaretten-sorusturma/



In the mean time,

Suicide blast at Istanbul police station kills officer

Woman claiming to have lost her wallet detonates explosive device inside guard cabin, killing one officer and injuring another
Female suicide bomber hits police station in Istanbul – video

Here is what is happening to İztuzu Beach,  one of the main breeding grounds for loggerhead sea turtles (Caretta caretta) in the Mediterranean:

 Geerding Released:

: Before & After:
More from Cizre…
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Fraksiyon ‏@fraksiyon_org  #ÜmitKurt, 14 year old kid who was killed by police today in
 Oh he liked the result: 
President Erdoğan expresses satisfaction at a parliamentary panel’s decision not to send four ex-ministers to a trial before the Supreme Council, calling the move ‘fair’

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