In contemporary Turkey, Justice is all about who is the majority. Corrupt Ministers’ Impunity #HırsızVar






and all the evidence (tapes of corruption conversation) to be destroyed…


Parliamentary Panel Vote On Graft Brings Electoral Risk To AKP


It means that the parliamentary inquiry panel does not send four former ministers, who has been engulfed in a massive corruption and graft operation since late 2013, to the Supreme Council for trial.
A parliamentary inquiry commission has voted not to send four former ministers engulfed in a massive corruption and graft operation that was launched on Dec. 17, 2013, to the Supreme Council for trial
The parliament commission to investigate Turkey’s Corruption Probe denied the trial of 4 former ministers in the Supreme State Council.


Will the AKP-Gülen rift save Turkey’s secularists
Today’s Zaman (press release) (blog)
In March 2014, all the Ergenekon suspects were released, including Turkey’s former army chief, İlker Başbuğ. Erdoğan was quick to declare that “the new Ergenekon is the parallel structure,” pointing at the Gülen movement. As anticipated, upon his
– Civil society will not bow

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