Surveillance a la Turca: ” Surveillance camera turns away as police beat civilian during Gezi protest

washingtonpost.comJan 1 – Ekrem Dumanli is editor in chief of the Zaman daily newspaper in Turkey. When I first appeared in court after last month’s raid on my newspaper in Istanbul and 80 hours of detention, I asked the judge: “Two columns and a news report: Is that…
The footage was recorded on June 1, 2013, in Eskişehir
Haşım Kılıç also stating that a key decision on whether to lift the 10 percent election threshold for legislative representation will be announced soon
Turkey governor restricts lift use

Regional governor wants people to take the stairs in an effort to fight obesity.
Turkish writer Elif Şafak has reacted to the health minister’s statements concerning motherhood as a career on Twitter, saying “motherhood is not a career.”
A Summary of Turkey in News in 2014

The past year was full of news in Turkey, good or bad.One of our stories that I liked to read most was the following one, which was a good example of team work in journalism for investigative reporting:
Turkey’s Education Ministry has issued the outline of a new moral education program to be given to schools
The municipality of Cizre, the southeastern town in the province of Şırnak that recently witnessed deadly unrest, has begun closing ditches dug by PKK’s youth branch

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