Cyberculture agenda: Web Freedom a Global Issue in 2015…

Web Freedom Is Seen to Be Growing as a Global Issue in 2015 – Vindu Goel – Jan 1 – SAN FRANCISCO — Government censorship of the Internet is a cat-and-mouse game. And despite more aggressive tactics in recent months, the cats have been largely frustrated while the mice wriggle away. But this year, … Read more

Surveillance a la Turca: ” Surveillance camera turns away as police beat civilian during Gezi protest

Ekrem Dumanli: Turkey’s witch hunt against the media – Jan 1 – Ekrem Dumanli is editor in chief of the Zaman daily newspaper in Turkey. When I first appeared in court after last month’s raid on my newspaper in Istanbul and 80 hours of detention, I asked the judge: “Two columns and a news … Read more

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