AKP on full frontal attack: Birth control ‘treason’/ Dance is ‘against public morality’/ Patients have no right to demand C-sections

All particularly targetting women… 
“I might suddently show up at your bedroom one day”
“They betrayed this country for years by [promoting] birth control and attempting to dry up our [next] generations,” Erdoğan said
Remarks by the Turkish president at a wedding were the latest in a campaign to buttress what he sees as Turkey’s rightful place in the world.
President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan attended a wedding ceremony in Istanbul, reiterating his call for families to have at least three children and claimed that contraception was a treason to wipe out the Turkish kin
Gameshow ‘I Don’t Know, My Spouse Knows’ fined 410,000 Turkish lira for showing husbands dancing with other women
Turkey’s media watchdog fined a TV show approximately 400,000 Turkish Liras for making husbands dance with other women while their wives watched and reacted jealously to the scene.
Women have the right to chose to give birth naturally and that’s all about it, Müezzinoğlu says

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