As Erdoğan’s doesn’t care about EU criticism, Andrew Duff: Negotiations should now be suspended! #GazetecilerDerhalBırakılsın


The year-long fight between the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) and the Fethullah Gülen community entered a new phase after the detentions of daily Zaman editor-in-chief Ekrem Dumanlı
Turkish President Erdoğan has been blasting European institutions, the EU and others over their criticism of media freedom, judicial independence and the general quality of democracy here.

Tuesday’s (16 December) meeting of the General Affairs Council is going to have to take a fresh look at the EU’s deteriorating relationship with Turkey. Turkey’s EU Accession Negotiations should now be suspended, writes Andrew Duff.

Erdogan pours scorn on EU criticism

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan dismisses EU criticism of recent mass arrests of journalists, urging the EU to “mind its own business”.
The lira hit a record low of 2.41 lira to the dollar, worse than Monday’s record low of 2.39 lira to the dollar.
More than 30 Besiktas supporters face charges described by rights groups as an abuse of justice by vengeful governmentThirty-five Turkish football fans have gone on trial accused of attempting to stage a coup during mass protests last year, in a case that the political opposition and rights groups say is an abuse of the justice system by a government bent on revenge.
Arrests of Turkish journalists widely condemned across the world

Human rights and press freedom groups deplore detention of editors and writers

The arrests of journalists in Turkey have been deplored by international human rights organisations, press freedom groups and UK journalists’ bodies.


Turkey issues its latest retort to the EU over the latter’s criticism of the recent detentions of journalists, calling the bloc ‘insincere’
A project of “Improvement of Turkey’s Capacity for Freedom of Speech” was started by EU and CoE in cooperation with Justice Academy of Turkey. The aim is to train judges who can implement the opinion of ECHR .
The Constitutional Court dismissed the appeals on procedural grounds, without making a judgment on the merits of the case
An expert report on Turkey’s “Balyoz” (Sledgehammer) coup plot case has revealed that key pieces of evidence in the case were fabricated, stating that the notes on two CDs were written by a machine, not handwritten by General Süha Tanyeri
Al Jazeera (Qatar) December 15, 2014 Inside Story Police officers and journalists linked to influential cleric Fethullah Gulen are arrested in nationwide raids. The government in Turkey is facing accusations of eroding democracy and press freedoms, following the arrest of at least 27 police officers, journalists and media workers. Those detained are accused of forgery
Expert Opinion (GFSIS) No. 28, 2014, 13 p. Georgian Foundation For Strategic and International Studies (GFSIS) Eugene Kogan * According to some Turkish analysts and commentators, Russian-Turkish relations are becoming a strategic partnership. According to the author, the relationship between the two countries can be called a ‘Turkish Dependency without Strategy.’ The discussion presented below
Eurasia Daily Monitor (The Jamestown Foundation) Vol.11 Issue: 223, Dec 15, 2014 By Maksym Bugriy On December 4, Major-General Oleksandr Rozmazninov, of Ukraine’s General Staff, reported a Russian deployment of the Iskander-M tactical missile system to Crimea. (Dzerkalo Tyzhnia, December 4). This and other Russian military deployments to the annexed peninsula have prompted debates on
International New York Times (USA) December 15, 2014, p. 8 By The Editorial Board The international community is expected to offer shelter and support to more than 100,000 additional Syrian refugees, who have been forced from their homes by their country’s bloody civil war. That is progress — but it is not nearly enough when
A new lawsuit has been opened against 19 more suspects on charges of spying, as part of an ongoing investigation into trucks belonging to MİT
Turkey’s landmark corruption probe into senior government figures was officially dropped on Dec. 16, after the Istanbul Chief Prosecutor’s Office rejected an objection to its earlier decision to not pursue the case.
‘This unfair designation complicated visa processing for many Kurds wishing to visit the US. We are pleased to see it fixed,’ Ambassador Brett McGurk has announced

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