İstanbul thru Drone footage. 9 videos and İstanbul news roundup…

DRONE FOOTAGE: Police Clash at Taksim Gezi Park

There is a selection of Drone footage here.
With the collaboration of the Greek Film Center, the Greek Consulate in Istanbul is organizing a Contemporary Greek Cinema season at Sismanoglio Megaro until May 2015.

There are many beautiful cities in the world, but Istanbul is near the top. Check out this online album of photographs.

The Pera Palace and the birth of modern Istanbul

As a crucible of Turkey’s modern age, Istanbul was deliberately passed over in favor of Ankara, the capital of the new Turkish Republic declared in

Takeoffs and landings impossible at planned İstanbul airport’

The lowering of the ground level of İstanbul’s third airport from 105 to 70 meters has rendered takeoffs and landings impossible, according to a recent .

Inside the World of Istanbul’s Male Belly Dancers

Here at Chanta Music, a gaudy, velvet-lined nightclub off Istanbul’s high-octane Istiklal Street, belly dancing – and the adulation its admirers confer – is
St Petersburg Ballet to come to Istanbul

One of the world’s best known classical ballet theaters, the Saint Petersburg Ballet Theater (SPTB), will take the stage in Istanbul later this month.

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