Eurosphere agenda: “CIA torture: Europe also implicated…

The Senator’s report on the CIA’s interrogation tactics could also make waves in Europe. It contains evidence that Poland, Lithuania and Romania allowed the US agency to set up secret prisons on their territory. Some journalists call for rigorous investigations. Others believe these countries cannot be blamed because they acted in the belief that they were on the good side.

Leaderless no more

The rise of new left leaders such as Alexis Tsipras in Greece and Pablo Iglesias in Spain reflects a new desire for leadership and political representation at odds with the neoanarchist culture that has for long dominated the radical left,  and which informed the movements of 2011


On December 1, 2014 Vladimir Putin announced that Russia would abandon construction of an ambitious $40 billion project – the South Stream gas pipeline. Hedvika Koďousková and Martin Jirušek comment on the wider context of this decision.

Look back in prudence! Civil War legacies and crisis in Greece today

The Greek Civil War does not constitute a sufficient explanatory framework for the current crisis, but it serves as a reminder both of the fragile nature of Greek society and the context of the country’s continued resistance against the troika.

The following article was originally published in December 2013 on We are republishing it here, with the author’s permission, as we feel that it is still provides a relevant context to many of the things which are happening in Greece today.

Forbidden 1 by Dimosthenis Kokkinidis. Enthemata. Some rights reserved.

Italy’s biggest unions have called a general strike for today, Friday, mainly in protest against Prime Minister Matteo Renzi’s planned labour reform. All the unions really care about is keeping their grip on power, some commentators criticise. Others urge the government to give the people something in return for painful reforms.

Independence movements are riding a wave of optimism in Europe

By the time this article is published, SNP membership numbers will have reached 100,000. As president of the European Free Alliance, I have never felt more optimistic about the potential success of independence parties in Europe.

Nicola Sturgeon speaks the SNP conference in Perth. Flickr/Simon Kindlen. Some rights reserved.


France’s upper house of parliament on Dec. 11 urged the government to recognize Palestine as a state, following a similar and highly symbolic vote in the lower house.

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