Eurosphere agenda: Merkel coalition partners’s strange desire…

Chancellor Angela Merkel’s Bavarian allies have caused outrage by suggesting immigrant families that want to remain in the country should be obliged to speak German at home.


‘Speak German at home’ row erupts

A call by German conservatives for immigrants to speak German in the home as well as in public triggers a political furore.

India’s climate protection performance has been ranked above nine European Union countries, including the Netherlands, Austria, and Poland, by climate campaigners.

Social innovation and the challenge of democracy in Europe

The hype surrounding the innovation society obscures crucial issues of politics and power.

Still from Paolo Sorrentino’s “The Great Beauty.” Credit: All rights reserved.


Education, Fertility, and Citizenship: Italy’s Strange Bedfellows

By: Alex Rhue
Produced & Edited By: Megan Laird
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Faced with a dwindling number of citizens and a future of economic instability, Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi has proposed some bold legislative initiatives. They come at a time when Italy needs more residents to maintain its economic viability. The changes unite the seemingly unrelated issues of the Italian birth rate, immigration, and education in a mix of solutions that may prove strangely workable. Topping this list of changes is a faster track to citizenship for the children of immigrants. For children born in Italy to foreign parents, attending primary or secondary Italian schools and learning Italian would allow them to acquire citizenship as children.


With the first ten months of 2014 being the warmest January-October period since records started in 1880, many hope that the current climate change negotiations in Lima, Peru will lay the groundwork for a global climate deal in Paris in December 2015. In this context, on October 24 the European Council announced that the twenty-eight EU Member States had agreed to “…a binding EU target of an at least 40% domestic reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 compared to 1990.” Following the agreement French President Francois Hollande was quoted as saying: “‘Europe is setting an example’, […] acknowledging that it had been a hard-won compromise but calling the final deal ‘very ambitious’.”

Germany’s Merkel has accused Russia of punishing some countries that are seeking closer ties with the EU
Alsace fights back: a French David vs. Goliath story

For years, the French state has tried to belittle, oppress and finally destroy Alsace and its culture. Now the Alsatians are fighting back.

Alsatians protest in Colmar, France. Nicolas Ory-Genin. Photo used with permission of author.

Images mixed by Tetyana Lokot.Images mixed by Tetyana Lokot.

The creation of a new Ministry of Information Policy within the Ukrainian government has caused widespread consternation among Ukrainians, leading some to dub it the “Ministry of Truth.” Critics say the Orwellian department, aimed at protecting Ukraine in the information war with Russia, will only hinder freedom of speech and set a dangerous precedent, allowing the new government a greater measure of control over Ukrainian media.

The cancellation of the South Stream pipeline project will not make the European Union more vulnerable to shortages caused by Russia cutting off gas to the Ukraine, senior EU and US officials said yesterday (3 December).



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