EFD Rights Watch: ECHR Landmark decision- “Turkey discriminates against Alevis over worship places

Turkey was sued at the ECHR over the non-payment of the electricity bills of a cemevi by the state, while those of other worship places are paid
The European Court of Human Rights convicted Turkey of sentencing two individuals who were sentenced to prison for “terrorism propaganda” when they attended the funeral of PKK guerrillas.
Turkey’s Privatization Authority has announced that it has finalized the privatization process of a state-run coal plant in Yatağan
Turkish police have clashed with protesters staging a demonstration in support of the Kurdish town of Kobane near Syria’s border with Turkey
Işıl Karakaş, an ECHR judge from Turkey, has been elected as Section President, becoming the first Turkish judge to be in the court’s administration.
At least 123 workers died on the job in the month of November. While most casualties were reported on the sectors of construction and agriculture, traffic accidents ranked as the most frequent causes of death.

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