Nothing new: “Erdoğan says women’s equality with men ‘against nature’ Dispatches from Turkey…

Gender equality is against nature: Thus spoke Turkish President Erdoğan
Time has proven that the involvement of any third party would further complicate Turkey’s Kurdish peace process instead of helping it, President Erdoğan has said
Turkish President Erdoğan has once again loudly announced his refusal to recognize the ‘legitimacy’ of Egypt’s President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi
SWP Comments, 2014/C 47, November 2014, 4 Pages Stiftung Wissenschaft und Politik Souad Ahmadoun * Turkey’s humanitarian activities toward Syrian refugees are part and parcel of its overall policy in the Syria conflict. Yet, it has become increasingly clear that the Turkish government has overestimated its capacities, and thus failed to deliver sufficient assistance to
Washington said the US is pleased with talks held during Joe Biden’s visit to Turkey
Aren’t you also fed up by the efforts of American and Turkish officials to not reflect outside tension, while the biggest tension in Turkish-American relations in recent memory is going on because of the Syrian issue?
U.S.-Turkey relations are similar to the stories of celebrities’ failing marriages. Everyone knows that the couple does not get on anymore and even cheats on each other, but both parties publicly say the marriage is going well
Rumor has it that our government is secretly wishing for a ‘second Gezi Park’ incident to erupt before the elections. That trouble and chaos break out
Envoy: Turkey Not Only Route for Iranian Natural Gas to Europe
Fars News Agency
Despite uncertainty concerning the future of sanctions on Iran, Ankara has been seeking to reach an agreement with Tehran to build the Iran-Turkey-Europe Natural Gas Pipeline Project (ITE) to transfer natural gas sourced in Iran via Turkey to Europe.
Amnesty International, 44/017/2014                                                                          Türkçe 20 November 2014 Turkey is hosting at least 1.6 million refugees from Syria, of which over 220,000 are accommodated in government-run refugee camps. However, the country’s response to the Syrian refugee crisis, despite its significant resource commitments and many

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