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American Anthropological Association #AAA2014 Meetings

Anthropology Meetings 2014The 2014 Annual Meetings of the American Anthropological Association are December 2-7 in Washington D.C.

Here’s the Searchable Program. What are you most excited to see?

Where to publish in OA anthropology

Below is a list of open access English language cultural anthropology titles with general information about the journal’s policies and website for authors to consider when choosing a venue to publish their work. If you would like to learn more about the various Creative Commons licenses, check this link. Journal titles with some missing descriptive data have been contacted and updates will be ongoing as they respond. Note that the inclusive dates after the title are meant to describe what is available to read freely online, which may or may not represent the true life of the journal.


Art And Anthropology In Afghanistan

Vermont Public Radio

It’s an immersive, complicated portrait of a complicated place created by an anthropologist and an artist working together as a team. We’ll talk to Noah Coburn, anthropology professor at Bennington College, and Greg Thielker, art professor at The

Exploring the Digital Information Experiences of Ethnographers

Dr Faye Miller

Queensland University of Technology, Australia

Over the past year I have had the privilege of being involved in the development of the open access journal Global Ethnographic. So far the work-in-progress has been a virtual collaboration between the editorial team in Japan, Australia and the USA. I have learned that developing an international publication across several different time zones has as many benefits as it has challenges. The following piece contains my ‘notes from the field’ including reflections and observations during my time with Global Ethnographic. Although in my case, my experience is an interdisciplinary one that crosses between two fields: my own discipline of information ecology and the field of applied ethnography, which interests me greatly as a generalist qualitative researcher.

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