Eurosphere agenda: “Europe’s Franco-German Dream Team..” Juncker vows to fight tax avoidance …


Cameron warns Russia over Ukraine

Russia could face further sanctions unless it stops “destabilising” Ukraine, David Cameron says, as world leaders gather for the G20 summit.
After the Catalan vote, Spain needs to buy time

Spain, and Catalonia within it, is now exhausted from an unprecedented and exceedingly destructive economic crisis which has triggered a vast social crisis that has ended up in a serious political crisis.

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The French language has gone into decline in Europe over the last 4 years, according to a study published this week by the IOF. But large gains in Sub-Saharan Africa have driven a 7% increase in the world’s francophone population.

Europe’s Franco-German Dream Team

Europe’s economic struggles are taking their toll, reflected in the hopelessness and extremism that increasingly characterize European politics. A forthcoming reform proposal, produced by the highly respected economists Jean Pisani-Ferry and Henrik Enderlein, could be the first step toward turning the situation around.

EU Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker made a statement on Wednesday for the first time since the Luxembourg leaks revelations. Speaking to the EU Parliament he announced measures to combat tax avoidance. Some commentators don’t believe the former Luxembourg prime minister’s claims that he will take serious action against tax havens. Others see him as the man best suited to the task.

Why 2.3 million Catalans broke the law for their country

The parents and grandparents of the ‘no future’ generation have rallied behind what was once a movement of rebellious youth.

Always a question of perception.Always a question of perception.

Food for thought in China-Europe relations is again as abundant as ever. ‘Hang on’, one might be inclined to intervene, ‘it’s been the APEC-summit this week – since when is Europe either Asian or close to the Pacific?’ Moreover, the Asian style dress code (aka “silly shirts”) for the APEC family picture gives room for interpretation of the symbolic end of European/Western cultural dominance in the world – despite the fact that it was actually Bill Clinton who started it in 1993, when he dressed the leaders in leather bombardier jackets.

First world champion in football, now best image: in a global comparison, Germany was bumped to best nation status – not least because of its top performance in sports – while Russia suffered the largest demotion. EurActiv Germany reports.


Banning begging in super-wealthy Norway

Critics of a street begging ban in a Norwegian town say it targets ethnic Roma, but defenders say it will lower crime.

A new Ukrainian book tells the story of Euromaidan in hundreds of Facebook posts. Photo from Facebook.

A new Ukrainian book tells the story of Euromaidan in hundreds of Facebook posts. Photo from Facebook.

In Europe’s search for a road back to normality, its leaders must look for new bargains where all parties stand to gain. We need more integration, not less, to anchor our common future and encourage greater commonality of values, writes Erik Berglöf.

Erik Berglöf is Chief Economist of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development.

After the unofficial consultation in Catalonia, Artur Mas, president of Catalonia’s regional government, called on Monday for negotiations on more autonomy. Commentators believe Madrid will have to make concessions, and that in this way the Catalans can be persuaded to remain in Spain


EU citizens who migrate to another EU country without the intention of finding work there can be denied welfare benefits, the European Court of Justice ruled on Tuesday. A clever decision that takes the heat out of the debate over “benefit tourism”, some commentators write. Others warn that even after this ruling populists will find new targets for their attacks

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