EFD Rights Watch: “Senior HDP politician seriously injured after being stabbed in Ankara


Senior HDP politician seriously injured after being stabbed in Ankara

A senior member of the Ankara provincial assembly for the Kurdish-leftist bloc Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) is in a serious condition after being stabbed at his party’s Ankara headquarters

Poetry Book Dedicated to Turkey’s Disappeared People

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Writers Union of Turkey and Human Rights Association promoted a poetry book that was compiled from 59 poets’ works dedicated on the 500th gathering of Saturday Mothers/People.



287 Turkish women murdered in first 10 months of 2014
Some 287 women were murdered in the first 10 months of this year in Turkey, as additional clauses to the law on the protection of families are drafted.



Policeman Advised to Stand Trial With “Possible Premeditated Murder” of Uğur Kurt

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Istanbul 85th Assize Court overturned another court ruling on the killing of Uğur Kurt by a policeman under the charges of “neglected murder”, advising a retrial under the charge of “possible premeditated murder”.

A mother never forgets

Last month marked the five hundredth demonstration of the Saturday Mothers. The weekly protests staged by these mothers stand as a powerful reminder of Turkey’s ‘disappeared’.

Maside Ocak holds a picture of her brother Hasan. Credit: Zeynep Yildiz. All rights reserved.Last month, Maside Ocak and her family sat down in Istanbul’s Galatasaray Square and held up a grainy photograph of her brother Hasan for the five hundredth time.

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