As “Erdogan Uses Conflict to Consolidate Power”, “Iran accuses Turkey of prolonging civil war in Syria” and “Egypt to unilaterally cancel trade agreement with Turkey…

Erdogan Uses Conflict to Consolidate Power

Shifting from the prime minister’s office to the presidency, Recep Tayyip Erdogan has “pulled a Putin,” using conflict at home and with the United States to strengthen his authority.
Iran has accused Turkey of prolonging the three-year conflict in neighboring Syria by insisting on President Bashar al-Assad’s overthrow and supporting “terrorist groups,” the official IRNA news agency has reported.
The Egyptian government has decided not to extend a comprehensive free trade agreement signed with Turkey during the rule of the ousted ex-President Mohamed Morsi
Amidst ISIS war, Kurdish discourses on national self-determination

The US and EU urgently need a better understanding of realities on the ground, the nature and diversity of attitudes to national self-determination in various parts of Kurdistan, and how they have been affected by the war against ISIS.


Turkish Kurds cheered the soldiers as a Peshmerga convoy was crossing the border district of Nusaybin, waving Kurdish flags and flashing victory signs
48 Hours in Ermenek Mine

As efforts to save 18 miners who are still trapped in a mine located in the central district of Ermenek, the waiting of family members and coworkers continue
The meeting was also the first chaired by President Erdoğan in his current capacity
We must face up to the fact that an Islamic terror has now entered Turkey if we are to find a solution to the danger which is ISIS and the political and societal problems that give rise to it.
How to deal with Russias Putin and Turkeys Erdogan? Its a diplomatic conundrum no one has yet answered

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