Turkey after US world’s second highest TV series exporter… Turkey’s energy minister: “100-200 trees shouldn’t stop Turkey’s development

Turkey exports TV series to over 100 nations, earning over $200 million annually
Taner Yıldız’s words, which evoked President Erdoğan’s dismissive remarks about ‘a few trees’ during the Gezi protests, came a day after a group of local activists were beaten by private security guards

How ISIS impacts on Turkey’s daily life

We must face up to the fact that an Islamic terror has now entered Turkey if we are to find a solution to the danger which is ISIS and the political and societal problems that give rise to it.

ECONOMIC MRI – One third of 11.7 million young people in Turkey are either unemployed as they have not been able to find a job or they are neither in school nor holding a job
The OECD has stated that it remains seriously concerned about Turkey’s low level of foreign bribery law enforcement, as well as certain aspects of its corporate liability legislation.
A former prime minister from the 1990s was incidentally seen on the sidelines of the demonstration venue

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