Turkey never ceases to suprise. Istanbul in bid to be named European Green Capital 2017 as another grove intended to be destroyed…


hurriyetdailynews.com – Istanbul has witnessed a major construction spree in the last years under the banner of ‘urban transformation,’ particularly in terms of residential complexes. HÜRRİYET Photo Boastful of its environmental policy despite activists’ outcry…
Tensions over the mosque construction next to the Validebağ grove are growing

Protesters park cars to block access to mosque construction site at Istanbul grove

…Construction of a small mosque in line with a court order next to a protected grove on the Asian side of Istanbul resorted to an unprecedented action
Police forcefully detained 5 individuals including advocate Can Atalay during protests to stop a demolition of a grove in Istanbul. 2 filed complaints against municipality workers for assault.
Istanbul Design Biennial sets out to challenge limits

İKSV is pushing to put the Istanbul Design Week on the world map, hoping to increase exposure for the second edition of the event through a focus on cutting-edge innovatio

Three sections of Istanbul’s historic Galata Bridge go missing

It has been detected that three sections of Istanbul’s historic Galata Bridge, which was relocated to a new location 22 years ago, have gone missing

Istanbul, A City of Culinary Contrasts

The capital was moved to Ankara, and the renamed Istanbul continued to thrive and grow as one of the most historically rich and diverse financial
Council of State’s Administrative Case Chambers Board suspended the construction plans in the waterfront of Istanbul’s Salıpazarı area – a project publicly known as “Galataport”.

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