Cartoonists hit back: #ErdoganCaricature Dispatches from Turkey

#ErdoganCaricature: cartoonists hit back at Turkish leader’s clampdown – James Walsh – Oct 23, 7:20 AM – Cartoonist Martin Rowson urges cartoonists to caricature Turkey’s president Erdoğan, to highlight the trial of a Turkish cartoonist who lampooned him The cartoonist and author Martin Rowson has encouraged people around the world to draw…
Despite overall optimistic messages by Turkish government officials, a key Cabinet member has suggested that the jailed PKK leader actually fueled the fire during recent deadly protests – The Editorial Board – Oct 23 – If Kobani survives, it will have defied the odds. This embattled city on Syria’s northern border with Turkey has been on the verge of falling for weeks in the face of a brutal siege by Islamic State militants. But the Syrian Kurds who call Kobani…
Turkey has freed Basil Hassan, who is wanted by Denmark in the attempted murder of a prominent critic of Islam, Turkish officials said Wednesday.
Rock paintings in Hakkari from 10,000 years ago have been examined for the first time since 1960, when they were first discovered. The paintings shed light on prehistorical human activity in the area
‘We cannot understand the logic of dropping arms to a city as street clashes are going on, but the Americans believe in their ways; we’ll see.’ Those were the words of a Turkish military expert

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