In 2 days, Turkey’s HSYK shaped by gov’t, Erdoğan slams nearly all opposition as traitors and Police powers increased….

There Is Risk Turkey Could Import Civil War From Syria: Expert

RIA Novosti

Turkey let US-led forces use its bases against the IS, yet, whether it’s going to take a more active part in the international coalition – is still unclear. So, what is it that makes Mr. Erdogan uneasy about fighting the IS? Radio VR is discussing it


‘There are new Lawrences, disguised as journalists, religious men, writers and terrorists’
The ruling AKP plans to bestow sweeping powers on the security forces to crush protests, while also claiming to be advancing the peace process with Kurds
The ruling AKP has not hidden its pleasure over preliminary results in a key vote at Turkey’s top judicial body, in which candidates reportedly supported by the government scored an overwhelming success
POLITICS > Ergenekon coup plot case marks new HSYK vote
Hurriyet Daily News
In August 2013, in the controversial Ergenekon trial, 275 people suspected of plotting a coup were handed sentences of hundreds of years of jail, with many high-ranking army members, journalists and academics being given aggravated life sentences by a .
The AK Party and Gulen’s movement used to be allies, joining forces to battle those allegedly involved in secularist coup plots known as “Ergenekon” and “Sledgehammer”. But a bitter rift became public last year when Erdogan moved to close Hizmet’s
The European Court of Human Rights convicted Turkey in the case of Baytar where the case concerned the absence of an interpreter during police custody.
The European Court of Human Rights has fined Turkey 11,200 euros for failing to provide adequate legal assistance while Önder Çarkçı was in custody, violating his right to a fair trial
Two outlawed Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) members who were brought to Turkey for hospital treatment were identified through the facial recognition system set up at the Turkey-Syria border
Deaths of wounded fighters held up at the border have become another emotive charge in a litany of Kurdish grievances against Ankara
The government announces that it will look to Germany’s criminal code as a template for plans to further empower security forces
Istanbul University students recently faced down masked ISIL supporters on their own campus

MAIN FOCUS: Turkey and US at odds over military bases | 14/10/2014


Ankara on Monday contradicted statements by US government representatives according to which the US would be allowed to use Turkish military bases for attacks on IS militants in northern Syria. The Turkish government must put its bases at the disposal of the alliance and go on the offensive itself, commentators urge, fearing that otherwise there will be no stopping the IS.

News reports said the strikes had targeted fighters of the Kurdistan Worker’s Party, and were in retaliation for the shelling of a military base.
The refugees flooded the Turkish town of Suruc after their Syrian home came under attack by the Islamic State. But their haven now seems like a purgatory

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