Some ups and downs, some caprices… Turkey Says No Deal Yet on U.S. Use of Bases in ISIS Fight

U.S. Troops to Use Bases in Turkey

The agreement to allow American and coalition troops to use bases in Turkey in order to fight Islamic State militants in Syria and Iraq came after two days of talks in the Turkish capital
A day after American officials said Turkey had agreed to allow the use of its air bases for operations against the Islamic State, Turkish officials said talks were still underway.

Kurdish forces battle Isis on streets of Kobani video

Kurdish forces are seen fighting Islamic State (Isis) on the streets of Kobani on the Syrian border with Turkey.

Women Fight ISIS and Sexism in Kurdish Regions

In Kurdish society, women fight side by side with men against ISIS, but they are also victims of systemic inequality and domestic violence.
A suicide bomber from the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) detonated a truck laden with explosives in the northern part of the besieged Kurdish town of Kobane
‘At the moment, there is no such situation as an ending of the resolution process. We are currently keeping our path of dialogue open,’ a senior HDP official said

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