Eurosphere agenda: “Nationalists win Bosnia’s joint presidency… “Election gains for Hungary far right

Nationalist candidates from Bosnia’s Croat, Muslim and Serb communities won the country’s three-man presidency, election results showed

Election gains for Hungary far right

The far-right Jobbik party in Hungary makes gains in local elections dominated by Prime Minister Viktor Orban’s ruling nationalist Fidesz.

Sarkozy strikes back: implications for the French political landscape

What will the much talked about return of Nicolas Sarkozy mean for the French political landscape?


European integration and the winds of secession

European integration has made secession more viable and less costly. Expect Scotland to be the first of many nations to take their calls for self-determination to the ballot box.

EC Approves Facebook’s WhatsApp Acquisition



Why did UKIP win in Clacton?

Clacton graphic

A couple of developments since we posted the original blog below.

Importantly, the European Parliament’s Economics Committee failed to reach an agreement over Pierre Moscovici and has delayed a decision on whether to approve him or not until 9.30pm CET tonight. Given his clear knowledge and experience in the area as a former French Finance Minister, the objection is clearly being driven by a fundamental split between the EPP (led by the CDU) and the S&D (led by the French socialists) over whether he is the right man for the job given his political allegiances and the fact France has repeatedly missed the deficit targets agreed with the European Commission over the past few years.

Europe’s Ukrainian Soul

For Europe, Ukraine’s fate is a vital strategic question, because its independence has been the cornerstone of the post-Cold War European order and its framework for peace. Ukraine’s subjugation to Russia by military force would bring down the curtain on that order and its underlying principles.

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