Eurosphere agenda: “EU launches operation to track down migrants


EU launches operation to track down migrants

Tens-of-thousands of ‘irregular’ migrants will be the target of the EU operation Mos Maiorum to find and deport them.

Nationalists with little shared vision of Bosnia and Herzegovina’s future were in the lead in an election for the three-person presidency yesterday (12 October), likely portending more dysfunction in a country still haunted by the divisions of a 1992-95 war.


Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered his troops to withdraw from the region bordering Ukraine on Saturday night, conceding to one of Ukraine’s and the West’s key demands. This is nothing but a tactical move ahead of the Asia-Europe Meeting, commentators write, and urge the EU to keep its sanctions in place.

After the Scottish referendum: Corsican contagion?

open Democracy News Analysis – by Farimah Daftary

In the wake of the Scottish vote, Corsicans are trying to gain publicity for their own, often neglected, struggle for self-determination. Could we soon see an independence referendum on this small, Mediterranean island?


‘Dialogue of the deaf’ threatens Europe

Arnaud Montebourg criticised the fragility of the French-German relationship at a forum on the future of Europe, describing it as a grave cause for concern, along with the rise of nationalist politics. EurActiv France reports.


Europe has been recently experiencing a new wave of economic disruption driven by the Internet: the so-called Sharing Economy. Companies like Uber, a service that connects drivers and passengers for short-rides, and Airbnb, a short-term apartment and room rental service, want to change how we take taxis and how we do tourism around the Old Continent.


The young Roma women who are changing their communities

open Democracy News Analysis – by Ruth Sutton

Eleni wants to go to school. She can read and write already and says emphatically: “I don’t want to be given to get married. I want to learn my letters, learn to speak Greek properly and be a hairdresser”.
The ECB’s Faulty Weapon

Project Syndicate by Daniel Gros

With inflation in the eurozone stubbornly remaining on a downward trajectory, pressure on the European Central Bank to do “something” to prevent outright deflation is growing. But, given the financial structure of eurozone countries, would the preferred “something” – quantitative easing – actually do the trick?

MAIN FOCUS: Bratušek rejected after EU hearing | 09/10/2014


Two committees of the EU Parliament decided by a broad majority to reject the SlovenianAlenka Bratušek as EU vice president and commissioner for the Energy Union. The Parliament has performed its control function in an exemplary manner, some commentators write approvingly. Others suspect the conservatives and social democrats conspired against the liberal candidate.

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