Erdoğan promises legislation against street violence… That is, total criminalization of democratic street politics…


The emerging Middle East order: who can shape it and how?

For the first time for decades, all sides to the conflict agree that terrorism has grown out of all proportions and poses a major threat to all. The current aerial bombardment by the US and its allies has won the explicit or implicit support of almost all stakeholders.

The president said he expected the support of all political parties and NGOS on the issue
Concern has grown in Berlin about a spillover of the tensions n Syria and Iraq to Germany after attacks to Kurds by Muslim groups last week

Kobani: time running out for hundreds of besieged civilians

UN warns of possible massacre if town falls after Isis takes control of government buildingsIslamic State (Isis) fighters are closing in on the centre of besieged Kobani, where the Kurdish militia have sworn that they will fight to the death, and hundreds of desperate civilians are trapped in streets rank with the smell of rotting bodies.

Kurdish Question – Amed Dicle – But they were the fighters of freedom, land and humanity. The tanks were coming at them after a heavy bombardment. Their position was flattened and the tanks rolled straight over their bodies. However, the army that had tanks was still defeated.

Kurds again dare to dream of uniting in their own country

They have not forgotten their treatment at the hands of competing foreign and regional powersContemporary Kurdish aspirations for statehood date from the end of the first world war, when the remains of the Ottoman empire were divided into what became the contemporary state system of the Middle East.

Syria Kobane toll ‘passes 500’

At least 553 people are reported killed in the battle for Kobane, the Kurdish town on Syria’s border with Turkey under Islamic State attack
Contact between Erdoğan and Putin came within days after Moscow warned Ankara about seeting up a buffer-zone in Syria
ISIL has sustained serious losses in the battle for the town despite their superior armour, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported
The European Commission will give 3.9 million euros in aid to humanitarian groups helping refugees from the besieged Syrian border town of Kobane
A rise of inflation of up to 9 percent bodes ill for Turkey, and the government and the Central Bank must reduce inflation rates to manageable levels in the forthcoming period, Ali Babacan says
Tourism has not been widely affected by the ISIL attacks near the Turkey-Syria border, but there are concerns about the upcoming year’s reservations

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