As of tonight #Kobane protests reach a new level. Policemen killed, Thugs used to attack Kurdish citizens…

I agree with many Twitter fellows I follow. the happenings at the Night of 9 October 2014 is a product of deep state. During the day, pro-Kurdish HDP officials made calm statements. Invited protesters against provocations, burning buildings, looting etc..

The at night 2 police chiefs are killed in Bingöl and in half an hour perpetrators- at least 3- killed. Then comes thugs on the streets… Unfortunately, authoritarian governmentality is leading to a police state…

Death toll in just 6 hours tonight (the photos below is the mob attacking Kurdish citizens in Gaziantep):

Not much changed in Turkey in the end…

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Soldiers shooting at protesters today in Dargeçit:

Turkish Kurds gather to support anti-Isis fighters just inside Syria

Isis now controls a third of Kobani after tough close-quarter fighting, while US official admits that air strikes cannot save town

Why is Kobani so important to Isis? – video report

Video report explains the significance of the battle for Kobani, on Syria’s border with Turkey. Islamic State militants would, if they succcesfully took hold of the area, show airstrikes alone are not enough to halt their advance. US Secretary of State John Kerry has claimed the region is not a priority for international forces

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