update/correction: Sympathy for IS among Turkish police as “Twitter quickly withholds tweets for Turkey’s ‘national security’…

some reliable observers point out that these hand signals might be related to team numbers. she might be right:

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A shameful day. 9 October 2014 Turkish police attacking students in Ankara University with IS signs…


Transportation Minister Lütfi Elvan complains of ‘provocations’
The CHP says the mandate authorizing the army to mobilize in Syria should solely aim to save Kobane
“Helping out Kobane would also mean helping the humanity,” wrote Kurdish-Iranian director Bahman Ghobadi in his open to letter to PM Davutoğlu.
Two men who were killed during the recent wave of violent protests in Turkey have been identified as Saudi Arabian and Syrian citizens, Anadolu Agency has reported
Hürriyet TV videos show Oct. 7 clashes in some of the 22 cities of Turkey
Two militant organizations engaged in the deadliest clash of Oct. 7 protests
The curfew declared after the recent wave of deadly protests in Diyarbakır has been revoked
Soldiers in İstanbul streets, Esenyurt district.
Police fired tear gas and water cannons on a group of students protesting in support of the Syrian Kurdish town of Kobane at the Middle Eastern Technical University (ODTÜ) campus in Ankara

Turkey’s Dangerous Bet on Syria

By refusing to aid the Kurds, Turkey’s leaders are alienating allies and derailing the peace process at home.
Prime Minister Davutoğlu has pointed at opposition parties and UN Security Council’s permanent members following Turkey’s worst street unrest in years. Meanwhile, the death toll in the anti-ISIL protests rose to 21 as Turkey’s refugee problem -and border troubles- worsen, according to UN

President Erdoan is under pressure to intervene against Isis forces, but he distrusts western aims in Syria and is dealing with a difficult Kurdish equationThe eyes of the world have been focused for the last few days on a little Kurdish town in Syria which few had heard of until a week or so ago. The plight of Kobani, close to the Turkish border, and under siege by Islamic State forces as they try to establish control over ever-larger territory in Syria and Iraq, is being presented as a sort of morality tale. There is growing international pressure on Ankara to prevent yet another military advance by Islamic State (Isis) and a further humanitarian disaster in a region that has already undergone much suffering. Turkey, after all, has tanks and troops on the border just across from Kobani. If it reinforced the efforts of the US-led air campaign by action on the ground, Turkey could compensate for the limitations of that campaign. Surely, it is argued, Turkey would not wish Isis to take control of long sections of its border with Syria. Turkish involvement would also be in line with its Nato membership, even if the alliance isnt formally mobilised against Isis.


A poster in Kurdish and Persian, calling for a gathering in front of the United Nations headquarters in Iran on Wednesday October 8, 2014.A poster in Kurdish and Persian, calling for a gathering in front of the United Nations office in Iran in support of Kobane on Wednesday, October 8, 2014.

Kobani: anger grows as Turkey stops Kurds from aiding militias in Syria

Kurdish insurrection gathers steam against Ankaras inaction to protect Turkey as well as against Islamic State incursion


The jailed leader PKK leader has called for an acceleration of the Kurdish peace process and dialogue over recent deadly clashes stemming from protests against the jihadist advance on Kobane, Selahattin Demirtaş says
French President Hollande has voiced his support for a Turkish proposal to create ‘safe havens’ in Syria for the protection of Syrian refugees, while the top diplomats of the US and Britain said they are willing to ‘examine’ the idea


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