Turkish Parliament accepts all-purpose Military Motion..

Turkey’s Parliament passes a controversial motion to grant the army to enter Syria and Iraq, ostensibly to take part in the coalition against ISIL
The mandate the Turkish government is seeking from the Parliament to authorize the army to send troops into Iraq and Syria to deal with growing threat of extremist jihadists does also include opening its bases to foreign troops, Deputy PM Arınç has announced
Civil society organizations and parties have demonstrated around Turkey to protest the imminent adoption of a motion
The motion brought to Parliament by the government is not aimed at broadening the struggle against terror, but is directed against Syria itself, according to CHP leader Kılıçdaroğlu

ISIS Takes a Kurdish Village in Syria as Car Bombs Kill Dozens in Homs

Islamic State militants swept into a Kurdish village near the Turkish border, while in the western Syrian city of Homs, twin car bombings killed at least 45 people.
Pressure piles on Ankara as US-led onslaught drives extremists towards predominantly Kurdish town of Kobani
Misery at the Border: Syrian Kurds Flee Into Turkey
October 2006: Jihadist groups within the Iraqi insurgency, including some affiliated with al Qaeda in Iraq, establish the Islamic State of Iraq, and vow in a video recording to plant “the flag of the state of Islam,” according to documents released by
Le Figaro (France) no. 21817, lundi 29 septembre 2014, p. 22 Hakki Akil Loin de soutenir l’EIIL, comme beaucoup l’en accusent, Ankara lutte contre cette organisation barbare, plaide l’ambassadeur de Turquie en France. Le monde, et notre région en particulier, traverse une période dramatique. Les pays voisins de la Syrie et de l’Irak, telle la

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