Towards motion vote: Opportunist Turkey’s main target still Assad and Kurdish positions…

Turkey prepares for bigger role in fight against Islamic State

World news: Turkey | by Simon Tisdall

Direct Turkish military engagement and the creation of a buffer zone could serve to curb growing Kurdish self-rule aspirations

The Turkish government is waiting to receive the go ahead from parliament today to take military action against the IS in Syria and Iraq. Ankara has the right to protect itself from the terrorist militia, some commentators believe. Others suspect Turkey of pursuing its own interests in neighbouring countries.

Öcalan has warned that peace talks will come to an end if ISIL is allowed to carry out a massacre in Kobane
Islamic State of Iraq and Levant fighters were at the gates of a key Kurdish town on the Syrian border with Turkey on Oct. 2
IŞİD Kobani yakınlarındaki Zorava'ya bayrağını dikti
By Ayla Jean Yackley and Alexander Dziadosz SURUC Turkey/BEIRUT (Reuters) – Islamic State insurgents pushed on with their assault on a Syrian border town on Thursday despite coalition air strikes meant to weaken them, sending thousands more Kurdish refugees into Turkey and dragging Ankara deeper into the conflict. Kurdish militants warned that peace talks with the Turkish state would come to an .

Turkish vote on campaign against IS

The Turkish parliament is voting on a motion to deploy the military in Iraq and Syria and allow foreign troops to use its territory.

As the Islamic State rolls north, Turkey reconsiders military action
… East expressed a willingness to deal with the Islamic State problem, Turkey’s reluctance to become involved put Turkey in a rather difficult and isolated position, and now it’s trying to get out of it,” Ilter Turan, a political scientist at

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