Our Chief Technology Office, also our President declared: New iPhone same as the last. News from Turkey…

Erdoğan brushed off the frenzy surrounding Apple’s new iPhone 6, saying it was much the same as its iPhone 5 predecessor

Turkey’s PKK peace process ‘at risk’

Turkey’s role in Syria may put peace deal with its Kurds at risk
New streams of Syrian refugees fled toward the border with Turkey as shelling hit the town of Kobani.
Three mortar shells strike Suruç, just kilometers from the fighting between Kurdish forces and ISIL for Kobane
The use of slogans such as ‘The murderer state will pay’ and ‘We will fight until we tear the oligarchy down’ is not a crime, Turkish prosecutors have ruled
washingtonpost.com – Adam Taylor – Sep 26 – At some point in 1236, the Turkic warlord Suleyman Shah perished by the banks of the Euphrates river. Some say he drowned in its waters. At the time, he was one of an array of notables warring over parts of Anatolia and what’s now Syria. And his
rt.com – Irregular armed forces have to rely on their ingenuity to arm themselves. And while rifles and mortars can be bought on the black market, getting hold of a tank or two can be a bit tricky. But you can always make a DIY version with your own hands
Turkish military sources categorically denied any attack by the ISIL on the Suleiman Shah tomb, an official enclave in Syria protected by Turkish troops

Turkey ‘can’t stay out’ of anti-IS fight: Erdogan

Istanbul (AFP) – Turkey cannot stay out of the international coalition fighting Islamic State (IS) jihadists, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said Sunday, as Ankara prepares in the coming week to define its military involvement.

The Intellectual Battle Against ISIS

Project Syndicate by Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum

If the world is to defeat the Islamic State, leaders must recognize that such fires cannot be extinguished by force alone. The world must unite behind a holistic drive to discredit the ideology that gives the extremists their power, and to restore hope and dignity to those whom they would recruit

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