This is Turkey’s new official logo to put on “Made in Turkey” products.

İşte Türkiye'nin yeni logosu
via Hürriyet
‘Turkey, Discover the Potential’ brand is aimed to become a joint identity mark for Turkish goods

In other news:

US-led warplanes kept up strikes on oil sites funding ISIL, as al-Qaeda’s Syria affiliate threatened reprisals after a key operative was reported killed

Turkey Hesitant to Ally With U.S. In Syria Mission – Anne Barnard – Sep 28 – SURUC, Turkey — No American ally is closer to the threat of the Islamic State than Turkey, and no country could play a more important role in a coalition that President Obama is assembling to combat the extremist Sunni militants. Yet Turkey…

200 Turkish intellectuals call for help to Kobane

Two hundred Turkish academics, writers and civil society activists issue a statement calling on the Turkish people and the international organizations to take a strong position in defense of Kobane

PM Davutoğlu has called the extremist jihadists barbaric and ignorant and do not represent Islamic civilization whatsoever, in one of the most strongly worded reactions from Ankara against ISIL
The ongoing resolution process is aiming at resolving the problems of Kurds in Turkey, not the Kurds of Syria and Iraq, a senior government official has said

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