Looks like President wants to bankrupt a bank, Bank Asya…

Turkish stock exchange Borsa Istanbul briefly suspended the trading of Islamic lender Bank Asya shares Sept. 18, citing extraordinary movements in the exchange of the lender’s shares.
Erdoğan has signaled no change to his tone as president, again slamming last year’s Gezi protests while also declaring a bank affiliated with the Gülen movement bankrupt
The head of Turkey’s largest business organization has warned that ‘polarization’ in Turkey might thwart progress in much-needed economic reforms
Two more schools were burnt down late on Sept. 17 in Turkey’s southeastern province of Hakkari, in protest at the closure of a nearby school that had planned to teach in the Kurdish language.
Murdered journalists, jailed journalists, recent releases, attacks, threats, impediments, prosecutions and trials; ‘’defamation’’, personal rights and complaints, bans, closures, seizures, PM, ECHR, RTÜK and Gezi Resistance
Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu will participate in a special meeting on Iraq in New York led by U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry.

Deportation of Kuwaiti diplomat ‘may negatively influence investment’

Deporting the diplomat prior to a court ruling would negatively affect investments, the Kuwaiti envoy says

Turkey considers Isis buffer zone
The army is mulling a no-fly zone and facilities to supply humanitarian assistance to civilians displaced by fighting in Isis-controlled areasTurkey Is a Steady Source of ISIS Recruitsnytimes.com – Ceylan Yeginsu – Sep 16 – ANKARA, Turkey — Having spent most of his youth as a drug addict in one of the poorest neighborhoods of Turkey’s capital, Can did not think he had much to lose when he was smuggled into Syria with 10 of his childhood friends to join theTurkish PM Davutoğlu signals softening tone to avoid polarization
Ahmet Davutoğlu says he is trying to ease polarization in society, blaming political tension on the opposition’s failure to understand the ‘new era’

Turkish unemployment rate exceeds 9 percent in June period

Turkey’s unemployment rate was 8.1 percent during the June period last year

CHP leader builds new A-team, appoints two top advisors
Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu renewed nearly half of the party’s management to take it to the 2015 parliamentary elections, also appointing two chief advisors to consult on foreign policy and political planning

The Women Fighters Taking on ISIS


ERBIL, Iraq—As the Islamic State fighters tore through northern Iraq in a murderous rampage, the women were called to come down from the mountains

In the ‘Great Game’ developing in the Middle East and amidst constant changes in diplomatic equilibria, as well as the deployment of armed forces to try and stop ISIS’ advance, the only certainty for the moment is the role the Kurds have over time cut out for themselves and their mandate from the most important European countries and the United States. This concerns not only the often discussed Peshmerga, Iraqi Kurds who have rather effectively opposed the Islamic State’s penetration since the beginning of the summer, but also Syrian Kurds, active since at least 2012 and without doubt less visible at least from a media perspective.
Turkey is working on a three-stage EU action plan to accelerate its accession process, Deputy Prime Minister Arınç has said

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