Lady Gaga with headscarf in Istanbul… News roundup…

A day after performing her first concert in Turkey in front of a gigantic crowd, Lady Gaga was spotted walking and shopping in Nişantaşı wearing an Islamic headscarf and a long dress

 [Pics] Lady Gaga ALMOST Takes An Epic Tumble OutsideIstanbul Airport

Ah! Super high heels are every woman’s worst enemy. Lady Gaga performed a sold-out “ArtRave” concert last night in Istanbul, Turkey and this

Lady Gaga hit Istanbul stage

U.S. singer Lady Gaga, widely regarded as the natural heir to Madonna’s Queen of Pop throne, has hit the stage in Istanbul for her first performance in .

A quiet neighborhood in Istanbul


You can’t go to Istanbul and not visit the Hagia Sophia, which was built 1,600 years ago in a town noted for its earthquakes — and still it stands.

[Photo Story] Istanbul’s fortresses lie silent

Today’s Zaman

The city of İstanbul, which has stood throughout history at a point of strategic importance, has always been more vulnerable to threats from the sea .

Belle of the Bosphorus – a weekend of joy in Istanbul

Irish Independent

Make mine Istanbul. When it comes to city escapes, the Turkish capital may be gathering an increasingly touristy buzz but it still largely remains

Alternative groups emerge to protect İstanbul’s rough neighborhoods

Today’s Zaman

Masked young leftists protest against police officers during a police operation inİstanbul’s Gazi neighborhood on Friday morning. (Photo: DHA).


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