Life is cheap in Turkey. #MahirÇetin #KazaDeğilCinayet

Mahir Çetin
Mahir Çetin was attacked by 20 and beaten to death in Kaş, Antalya by racists because he was speaking Kurdish… 
News in Turkish here
Ten workers were killed at a construction site in Istanbul when an elevator carrying them suddenly plunged to the ground from the 32th floor late on Sept. 6
Turkish riot police on Sunday fired tear gas and water cannon at protesters in Istanbul, a day after 10 workers were killed when a lift crashed to the ground from the 32nd storey of a building. Police stepped in when more than 1,000 people gathered near the construction site in Istanbul’s upscale Mecidiyekoy district to express their anger at Turkey’s lax workplace safety measures, an AFP
A pedestrian overpass in Istanbul collapsed after being hit by a dump truck last week, causing the death of a minibus driver and proving once again that being alive in Turkey might be a matter of luck. There are too many examples to cite in one news article, but here are some awkward ways to die in Turkey

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