Social fabric roundup: thousands of students placed in religious schools ‘against their will’

Turkey’s secondary education examination row has deepened, amid reports that thousands of students, including some non-Muslims, have been placed in Islamic vocational schools for the upcoming school year.

Turkish policeman jailed for killing

BBC News | Europe | World Edition

A Turkish policeman who killed a protester during last summer’s demonstrations in the capital, Ankara, is sentenced to seven years and nine months in jail.

Controversy has been rekindled surrounding the man who killed his two wives and then sought a new partner on TV show, after a popular celebrity hosted him on her own show, stressing his ‘smiling face’
After women organizations’ massive protest on Seda Sayan’s TV program, Schafer Company canceled its sponsorship. Executive Board Member of the company talked to bianet and stated that they don’t ever wish to have a bad reputation due to such TV programs.
The Justice Ministry has revealed that 650 cases of child abuse are registered at Forensic offices every month


ISTANBUL, Turkey—The body of Volkan Senyurt was found slumped against a tree on a hill in Istanbul, one morning this summer.

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