#IGF2014 notes- Meeting with Facebook Public Policy Officials #FHDel

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notes- Meeting with Facebook Officials #FHDel

Politicians always want to control mass media and it is now social media/ internet. This is also a concern for us said one of them.

Russia’s new blogger law is even more direct that Turkey’s 5610 Law.

Snowden was a turning point even in IGF. An official said.


I said the perception about Facebook among digital activists is that governments get whatever they want from Facebook.

– this is why we provide Transparency Report, I was told.

I began to believe Transparency Reports function to disarm critics but they may not lead to more transparency in many cases.

I highligted Ötekilerin Postası and some Kurdish Facebook pages.

Facebook official said they follow strict legal guidelines. PKK is a designated terrorist organization and thus… If the news is neutral we do not withold the content… However, we insisted that there must be more substantive explanations for the take downs… And I still continue to believe they have a bit messed up with these sites.

I also began to believe that Governments, who make the laws, use legalities to force major internet companies to comply. In fact one Facebook official admitted that in Kurdish case, they were even behind the mainstream media [as peace process makes Kurdish organizations even more legitimate]

I could also squeeze a question about personal data requests. I said Twitter emphasizes that they are much more adamant in delivering personal user data. Except child safety and immediate terror threats, Facebook wants governments to apply US courts to demand for personal data as Facebook is actually an American company.  Thjs whole process, thus, functions to discourage governments. This is at least what is officially told…




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