Turkey’s new PM to be chosen in AKP Congress where 13 Media Institutions banned.

Human chain to form Atatürk’s image. 26 August 2014. Ankara

6,000 people honor Atatürk’s memory by forming his portrait

13 media institutions, including Cihan News Agency, were restrained from broadcasting AKP congress on the account that they weren’t accredited. These 13 institutions will not attend the congress where Turkey’s new PM will be determined.
Turkey’s ruling party is holding a congress to confirm Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu as its new chairman and prime minister-designate, to replace president-elect Recep Tayyip Erdogan.
Erdoğan has made it clear that he will not step back from playing the lead on the country’s political stage
By Nick Tattersall and Mariam Karouny ISTANBUL/BEIRUT (Reuters) – As Islamic State insurgents threaten the Turkish border from Syria, Turkey is struggling to staunch the flow of foreign jihadists to the militant group, having not so long ago allowed free access to those who would join its neighbor’s civil war. Thousands of foreign fighters from countries including Turkey,
Today, I am leaving my column to Amberin Zaman, a colleague and a friend who I have known for more than two decades, and who has recently been targeted by government supporters.
PM-designate Davutoğlu heralds a ‘restoration’ in his planned government to repair ’90 years of damage’ to the Turkish Republic
Turkey’s top court has included the head of the Union of Turkey’s Bar Associations as a speaker at the ceremony marking the start of the new legislative year, in defiance of President-elect Erdoğan
President-elect Prime Minister Tayyip Erdoğan is handing over the chairmanship of his ruling Justice and Development Party (AK Parti) to Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu today (Aug. 27), at an extraordinary congress taking place in Ankara.
Davutoğlu will probably be given the mandate to form the next government on Aug. 29, just a day after Erdoğan takes the office as president. He is expected to speedily introduce his Cabinet to President-elect Erdoğan on the same day
Sedat Ergin, Hürriyet’s new editor-in-chief, has been introduced to the employees of Turkey’s leading newspaper

Turkey clash over Syrian refugees

BBC News | Europe | World Edition

Hundreds of people in Istanbul fight with Turkish police during a protest against the rising number of refugees from Syria.
The truth behind the “Turkish model”

open Democracy News Analysis – by Ayse Bugra

Contrary to received wisdom, the “Turkish model” was not based on the entrepreneurial potential of emerging conservative businessmen of Anatolia nurtured by market reforms and the Islamic outlook of the government, but on a regulatory framework changed to allow arbitrary government intervention in support of politically privileged entrepreneurs.
Turkey sees rise in halal tourism
Turkish resort sees rise in Islamic tourism

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