Drama in Ankara: “Turkey asks for satisfactory explanation from Germany over wiretapping reports…


Ankara warned Berlin that such practices would also harm the two countries’ cooperation in providing international security
Turkish anger over German ‘spying’

The German ambassador to Turkey is called to the foreign ministry over reports that Germany spied on Turkish officials.
Turkey’s new Cabinet and executive cadres, including a new prime minister and ministers under Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s presidency will be designated during intense meeting in coming days
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68New America ‏@NewAmerica   What If You Call an Election if Democracy Loses? Turkey. http://bit.ly/1rwW0Tq
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67Today’s Zaman ‏@todayszamancom   Muharrem İnce announces his candidacy for CHP leadership election http://bit.ly/1uMmSE4
Risks threatening the wealth of the Turkish economy have been under the scrutiny of international ratings agencies amid escalating geopolitical risks and persisting tension in domestic politics

Istanbul governor to be probed for words against 17-year-old hit by gas canister

Gov. Mutlu had accused Dilan Alp of being a member of ‘marginal groups’ and throwing Molotov cocktails

The number of Turks who have applied to undergo psychological treatment tripled between 2009 and 2013

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