Cyberculture agenda: #Ferguson and the power of a free Internet

Ferguson and the power of a free Internet

Nieman Journalism Lab by Caroline O’Donovan

In a piece posted to The Message collection on Medium today, University of North Carolina professor Zeynep Tufekci reveals how issues of net neutrality are altering the news coming out of Ferguson, Mo.


By Any Means Necessary: The Information War in #Ferguson

The Meta-Activism Project

The current unrest in Ferguson, MO, precipitated by the hot-blooded murder of an innocent black boy by a police officer, is a story whose details have been deliberately hidden, manipulated, and intentionally ignored.  For this reason it is a difficult story to tell with confidence.


How Spotify Is Learning To Improve Your Playlists

Social Media Week by Nicole Brown

A Spotify intern and Ph.D. student published a blog post laying out his work to improve Spotify’s recommendation algorithms, looking at ways to use deep learning to surface songs based on their content. He hopes his models can help listeners discover new and relatively unheard music

LulzSec supergrass Sabu led attacks against Turkey – report


Now the Daily Dot reports that Sabu helped forge an alliance between his group “AntiSec” and the politically motivated Turkish “Red Hack” hacking crew. The news site says it got its hands on a “cache of sealed court documents”, which it says show how

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