Not surprising Pew Reserch Findings: Polarization increases in Turkey… Erdoğan’s favorability in the region falls…

Bülent Arınç defends his criticism against ‘laughing women’ with a puzzling complaint about ‘pole climbers’
Turkey’s presidential hopefuls have continued campaigning by sending text messages to mobile phone users – Jul 30, 2:55 AM – About Half Support Gezi Park Protests As Turkey prepares to vote for its first ever directly elected president, a new Pew Research Center survey finds the Turkish public is divided over the main contender for the office, current Prime Minister
Turkeys deputy prime minister has set off a social media storm by telling women how to behave in public. They are having none of it
A Turkish court ordered that 11 more police officers be kept in custody pending trial over accusations that they used wiretaps to spy on PM Erdoğan and his inner circle
Hundreds of women in Turkey have taken to the social media to protest the call on them to ‘not laugh in public
Turkey’s ambassador to Washington has written a letter to the American Jewish Congress, saying PM Erdoğan would be “glad” to return the honor
Erdoğan does not seem to care much about broken hearts and splits in politics
Anger and disbelief greets sexist rant by Bülent Arinc, which also takes aim at soap operas and use of mobile phones

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