Bülent Arınç finally made him a laughing stock at a global scale…

However, he is not a marginal figure. He represents the governing party that’s transforming Turkey… And by the way, he repeatedly makes similar statements, most remain in domestic sphere.  But this laughing issue seems to have gone beyond Turkey…  Sometimes he functions like a political troll. As the AKP is under pressure in both domestic politics (check out the scandalesque police trial) and international spheres, he pops up with another ridiculous  arguments… Not the first time, I must say…


A composite image showing women laughing and smiling posted on Instagram

The women having a laugh in Turkey

Women in Turkey post photos of themselves laughing on social media after a senior politician suggests public mirth is immodest in women.
independent.co.uk – Jul 29 – Women should not laugh in public in Turkey, the Deputy Prime Minister has said in a speech on “moral corruption” in the country. Bülent Arınç used a meeting for Eid al-Fitr on Monday to condemn perceived moral
theguardian.com – Agence France-Presse in Istanbul – Jul 29, 8:46 AM – One of the most senior members of the Turkish government sparked an outcry on Tuesday, after declaring that women should not laugh loudly in public. The deputy prime minister, Bülent Arinc, one of the co-founders of the ruling Islamic-rooted

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