Pro-ISIL militants attacked a Shiite mosque in Istanbul… EFD Rights Watch…

Members of ISIL attacked a Shiite mosque in Istanbul last week, a human rights association has claimed in report
Governor Mutlu said that new measures were being considered to deal with the rising number of Syrians living on the streets
A crowd protested a fast-breaking dinner organized in Diyarbakır by the US consulate in Adana for Ramadan attacking the tent where the food was prepared and served

Turkish state found responsible for 1993 Sivas massacre
A top official audit board report into the 1993 Sivas Massacre has declared that the Turkish state is responsible for the arson attack on the Madımak Hotel

Ayşe Deniz Karacagil joined the PKK after learning that she faced 98 years in prison for particpating in demos

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