Eurosphere agenda: New Spy Case between US and Germany… “Europe’s Digital Reactionaries…

Germany spy arrested on suspicion of spying for NSA

A 31 year old employee of BND, the German foreign intelligence agency, has been arrested on suspicion of espionage on behalf of the NSA.


Germany Arrests Double Agent Allegedly Spying for the U.S.

Mashable! by Colin Daileda

German authorities have arrested a German man on suspicion of being a double agent for the United States. The man has been linked to spying on a panel investigating activities by the National Security Agency in Germany.


Europe’s Digital Reactionaries

Project Syndicate by James Waterworth

Unfortunately, EU leaders’ lofty rhetoric praising the Internet often rings hollow. While calling for a strong digital agenda in one breath, the same politicians, supported by protectionist interests at home, often argue for putting a brake on the Internet’s “disruption” by imposing strict new regulation.

The Grillo-Farage connection

open Democracy News Analysis – by Edoardo Quadri

Beppe Grillo’s Five Star Movement has formed an alliance in the European Parliament with Nigel Farage‘s UKIP. We should have seen this coming.


Germany moves to allow dual citizenship

Germany’s lower house of parliament passed new citizenship laws yesterday (3 July), relaxing some of the strictest rules in Europe to allow young Germans of foreign origin to hold two passports – a move that benefits the large Turkish community.


MAIN FOCUS: Germany mediates in Ukraine crisis | 04/07/2014


The ceasefire talks between the Ukrainian government, Russia and eastern Ukrainian separatists are to resume by Saturday. That was the agreement reached in Berlin by representatives from Moscow and Kiev under German mediation. Germany is finally becoming more active in foreign policy, some commentators write approvingly. Others stress that Germany’s trustworthiness depends on the success of the talks

German Social-Democrat Martin Schulz was elected on Tuesday to head the European Parliament in the first session since elections in May.

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