HDP rejects claims it will ally with ruling AKP in presidential polls BUT most HDP voters will probably prefer AKP candidate…

I feel like what happened in Istanbul Municipality election will happen at a national level. HDP offers a good candidate that does not have much chance. Most Kurdish HDP voters vote for AKP candidate, especially those consertivative citizens,  most leftists vote for HDP and AKP wins. I personally like Mr. Demirtaş very much but I … Read more

“10 urban heritage sites Istanbul lost in 2000s…. Istanbul news roundup…

10 urban heritage sites Istanbul lost in 2000s   Rebul Pharmacy is the latest cultural asset that Istanbul has lost from its urban memory. Here are 10 other casualties of the city’s endless shopping mall boom Sculptors under age of 40 on terrace exhibitions across Istanbul   Proje4L Contemporary Art Museum opens the summer with … Read more

Eurosphere agenda: “Green light for Juncker

  MAIN FOCUS: Green light for Juncker | 27/06/2014 euro|topics The EU’s heads of state and government plan to nominate Jean-Claude Juncker as European Commission president today, Friday, despite the UK’s opposition to the move. This will be the first time that the European Council is not unanimous in its decision on who takes this top post. Some … Read more

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