Eurosphere agenda: ” Mini-summit in row over Juncker ….


Jean-Claude Juncker‘s bid to head the European Commission receives a boost with the backing of nine left-wing heads of government

The world’s most precious genes?

BBC News | Europe | World Edition

Why scientists are dying to get their hands on Icelanders’ DNA


The wrangling over the top post at the European Commission continues with a mini-summit in Sweden. German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who recently declared her support for Jean-Claude Juncker, is meeting there with her colleagues from the UK, Sweden and the Netherlands, who reject him. Commentators urge the heads of government to accept the European Parliament’s top candidate, stressing that the EU mustn’t allow itself to be blackmailed by London.

Spain moves to protect Juan Carlos

Spain’s politicians admit that they are rushing to pass new legislation to shield former King Juan Carlos from two paternity suits.

MAIN FOCUS: Merkel seeks compromise with Cameron | 20/06/2014


In the dispute over who becomes head of the European Commission, German Chancellor Angela Merkel signalled willingness to compromise on Thursday, hinting that the UK may be compensated if it accepts EPP candidate Jean-Claude Juncker as president. Some commentators want a British commissioner for the single market. Others say the wrangling over the post has only produced losers and done considerable harm to the EU.


Q&A: The Juncker fight and why it matters – World, Europe

The dispute over who will be the next leader of the European Commission has become the most bitter row since the height of the eurozone crisis

Juncker, the European Commission and the marginality of UK politicians

open Democracy News Analysis – by John Palmer

David Cameron, his deputy and even the leader of the opposition Labour Party, all find support for someone you disagree with bewildering.

MAIN FOCUS: Felipe takes the Spanish throne | 19/06/2014


Spain’s Crown Prince Felipe will become the country’s new king today, Thursday. He succeeds his father Juan Carlos, who announced his abdication at the start of June. Commentators expect Felipe VI to spruce up the Spanish monarchy’s tattered image and hope he will mediate in the dispute over independence for Catalonia.


MAIN FOCUS: Russia cuts off gas supplies to Ukraine | 17/06/2014

Russia stopped deliveries of gas to Ukraine on Monday. After weeks of negotiations the two countries were still unable to agree on prices and Ukraine’s repayment of its debts. Commentators voice concern about Europe’s energy security and call on the EU to make itself independent of Russian gas.

Lobbyists increasingly look online to influence EU policy

Public affairs officers in Europe are increasingly moving online to reach EU policy makers, linking their campaigns to what high-level official of the EU Commission, Robert Madelin, called the ?creation of a digital public service? on Thursday (19 June).


There is no puzzle about Britain’s low productivity

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Britain, almost uniquely, does not invest in itself.

Many people, including apparently the Bank of England, are puzzled by the fact that productivity growth in the UK has ground to a halt. There is, however, a compellingly simple explanation. It is that the UK, for the first time since the start of the Industrial Revolution, has virtually stopped investing in the future and particularly in the type of economic activities which are capable of yielding significant increases in output per head

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