It looks like #Lice changes all

Anti-AKP coalition of Occupy Gezi seems to be crumbling down after recent riots and deaths in Lice, Diyarbakır.

It is very hard to make intelligent arguments about the turning of events in Turkey’s Kurdistan and there are so many speculations about possible outcomes.

For me, there is at least one single fact to mourn about. Unarmed protesters were killed by Turkish soldiers from the back. Protesters may belong to armed Kurdish groups or not but the fact is that they were killed unarmed. I believe core Gezi Occupiers still have the same spirit and humane reaction to events in Lice. However,

The anti-AKP circles of Fethullah Gülen movement and Ultranationalists have been intensively criticizing relative ease of Kurdish militants recently and they have been accusing AKP of betraying the country. Some nationalists among the Gezi Occupiers also join the ranks. If today the government moves to act against Kurdish movement militarily, it has some vocal supporters.

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