Another morning raid in Okmeydanı, İstanbul as the neighborhood declared “risk zone”

Frequent police raids in search of “terrorists” and continuous police violence and protests in return make the neighborhood risky not only earhquake-wise but also social-wise…. By the “risk zone” concept, AKP led municipality can start urban renewal projects that will end up pushing existing residents away… and some will profit well…


Istanbul?s Okmeydanı declared ?risk zone?

Hurriyet Daily News

Beyoğlu Municipality Council members have declared a large area in Istanbul?s Okmeydanı district an earthquake ?risk zone,? paving the way for the demolition and rebuilding of 5,600 buildings

In other Istanbul news:

Growth of İstanbul skyscrapers reveals business-political alliances

Today’s Zaman

The blitz of skyscraper construction throughout İstanbul in recent years has at times almost made the city unrecognizable. But, in fact, these

Turkey’s PM reopens Istanbul’s historic mosque

Turkey’s Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan reopened Istanbul’s symbolic Buyuk Mecidiye Mosque ? also known as Ortakoy Mosque – in Istanbul
New İstanbul airport pushes ahead despite environmental concerns

The groundbreaking ceremony of a $30 billion airport to the north of İstanbul is scheduled to be held onSaturday, although the legal process
Istanbul: Basilica Cystern in Istanbul

This entry was posted by 360Cities on June 6, 2014 at 10:06 am. 360° panorama by Alex Maksiov. Click the image to open the interactive version
Groundbreaking quantum lab at Istanbul University closed after fire breaks out

Officials have decided to shut down a groundbreaking quantum lab at the IstanbulUniversity after it broke down when a fire erupted in the facility

Visitors to have free transportation to İstanbul museums

Visitors will have free transportation to the famous museums of İstanbul starting this week thanks to a new project launched by the Turkish Association

Two Towers Istanbul (Timelapse)


Istanbul Timelapse (Two Towers) – Hidiv Kasrı Kulesi – Bosphorus – Beyazıt Yangın Kulesi – Historic Peninsula Timelapse by; Fatih S.M. Sadoglu

Istanbul’s iconic mosque to reopen Friday

Istanbul’s historic Buyuk Mecidiye mosque, better known as Ortakoy Mosque, is to reopen on Friday following nearly three years of restoration.

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