As Germany braces for Erdoğan, she clamps down on spy tech exports to Turkey, citing human rights deficiencies…

German politicians have been quoted in the press in recent days arguing that Erdoğan should not be allowed to move his election campaign battles to Germany
‘Looking at the political level, there seem to be tremendous problems between the EU and Turkey. But the pension fund that I work for as an adviser just took the decision to massively invest in Turkey

German politicians critical of Erdoğan?s pre-vote visit
German politicians have criticized an upcoming pre-election appearance in the country by Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan in the wake of a deadly mine disaster

Germany clamps down on spy tech exports to Turkey, citing human rights deficiencies
The move aims at ‘preventing spy software made in Germany from being used for internal repression’
ECHR?s Cyprus ruling against Turkey ?devoid of legal basis,? FM spokesman says
The ruling that orders Turkey to pay compensation for its 1974 intervention in Cyprus is ?deprived of legal ground,? Bilgiç said

Turkey to pay record compensation to Greek Cypriots: ECHR

Hurriyet Daily News

The European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) has ruled for Turkey to pay 90 million euros in compensation to Cyprus for the Turkish military?s 1974 intervention. Foreign Minister Davutoğlu had said the ECHR?s ruling would ?neither be binding nor be carrying any value? for Ankara
Turkey says it won’t pay $123 million damages to Cyprus ordered by European human rights court
Turkey says it won’t pay $123 million in damages to Cyprus that was ordered by Europe’s top human rights court and is calling that ruling the biggest blow yet to peace talks for the divided island.
European court orders Turkey to pay damages for Cyprus invasion

World news: Turkey | by Julian Borger,

Penalty of 90m will compensate relatives of missing Greek Cypriots and may open door to claims from Crimea dispute

The European court of human rights (ECHR) has ordered Turkey to pay 90m (£73m) in compensation for its 1974 invasion of Cyprus in a judgment that has huge potential legal implications for Ukraine and Crimea.

Turkey?s Space Policy
EDAM Discussion Paper Series, 2014/3, 13 May 2014, 14 p. Aaron Stein * Turkey has remained committed to developing space capabilities for close to two decades. Ankara has also embarked on a very practical approach to developing a satellite industry. The main focus of the indigenous program is on low-cost minisatellites, designed to perform dual-use

Why Turkey and Ukraine need the EU

While in the case of Ukraine recent developments seem to have invigorated the EU’s approach to a certain degree, in the case of Turkey it remains unclear how the EU is planning to move forward, write Amanda Paul and Demir Murat Seyrek.

FM Davutoğlu annuls decree ordering Turkish embassies to support Gülenists: Reports
A 2003-dated decree ordering embassies abroad to facilitate the activities of the Gülen movement has been annulled upon the instruction of FM Davutoğlu

Syrian Refugees and Turkey?s Challenges: Going beyond Hospitality
Report (The Brookings Institution) May 12, 2014 By Kemal Kirişci * The first Syrian refugees began to cross into Turkey in April 2011. This was at a time when Turkey?s relations with the Syrian government had not yet been ruptured. The Turkish side was deeply engaged in efforts to persuade Bashar al-Assad to avoid harsh

Helpless and lonely: Turkey?s attitude towards the war in Syria
OSW Commentary (Centre for Eastern Studies) No. 136, 9 May 2014 Szymon Ananicz * The conflict in Syria, which has lasted since 2011, has become the most significant test of the efficiency of Turkey?s foreign policy and the biggest challenge to Turkey?s security in recent decades. The lack of a clear prospect of an end

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