Yes, he did not miss the opportunity to chastise a relative of a miner… #KazaDeğilCinayet

PM Erdoğan has cited decades-old ? if not centuries-old ? examples to defend his government over its mining record, pointing to a mine accident in Britain in 1838 during a press conference about the Soma disaster on May 14.
‘I should pull of my boats so that the stretcher doesn?t get stained,’ the worker was heard as saying only a few moments after being pulled out of the mine
Authorities said large numbers of coffins were taken from nearby mosques and loaded onto trucks

Turkish police ready for possible protests in Taksim tonight:

18:30 Güvenpark, Ankara:

Citizens in Soma kicking an armored bureaucrat car:

Citizens in Soma protest Erdoğan’s convoy:

8 reported to be detained in Soma:

A small group of protesters in İstiklal Street, İstanbul:

A sit in in Diyarbakır:

Police breaking up small scale protests during the day in Ankara or in Istanbul:

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