Eurosphere agenda: “Extremism in South-Eastern Ukraine… ” Ukraine’s Pro-Russian Separatists…

Photos: Face-to-Face With Ukraine’s Pro-Russian Separatists

Mashable! by Christopher Miller

DONETSK, Ukraine ? Pro-Russian separatists are tightening their grip on Ukraine‘s embattled eastern region ahead of a referendum that insurgents plan to hold this Sunday.


EU governments reached a preliminary agreement yesterday (7 May) to expand the legal criteria for targeting people and companies with sanctions to pressure Russia over Ukraine, paving the way for new listings as early as Monday, diplomats said.


VIDEO: The Eurosceptic challenge in Germany

A range of opinion polls suggest that Eurosceptic parties could make significant gains in the European Union elections.

“Eurobarometer Says Goodbye To Social Europe” by Wolfgang KowalskySocial Europe Journal » Blogs by Wolfgang Kowalsky Wolfgang KowalskyWorking conditions are an important topic, in particular in the weeks before the EP election. The election campaign has started in many countries and voters are confronted with Eurosceptic arguments as well as with support for the European Union. Many MEPs try to sell the activities with which they were involved in the last 5 years and strong criticisms of the Troika policy are voiced regularly, for instance that the Troika actively contributes to the worsening of working conditions. In some countries the discussion gets quite turbulent with candidates attributing all evils to ?Brussels? ? for instance Marine Le Pen on Mayday accusing Brussels of downsizing French industry?


The evolution of Bosnia?s protest movement: an interview with Jasmin Mujanovi?open Democracy News Analysis – by Jasmin Mujanovi?Just as Bosnia disappeared from international headlines after 1996, Bosnia?s current protest movement is already receiving less media coverage, with some already prematurely declaring the end of what was recently called the ?Bosnian spring?.  But the causes behind the ongoing protests are complex, and neither the causes nor the protests have disappeared.  Heather McRobie interviews Jasmin Mujanovi?PHOTOS: Shamed Macedonian Government Caves in to Student DemandsGlobal Voices Online by Filip Stojanovski

The Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Macedonia announced a 1,050,000 euro (1.46 million US dollar) tender for renovation of the now infamous Goce Delchev student dormitory in Skopje on April 30, 2014, as reported [mk] by Faktor.


German Euroscepticism – a milder varietyBBC News | Europe | World EditionWhy Germany is not fertile ground for EuroscepticsExtremism in South-Eastern Ukraineopen Democracy News Analysis – by Anton Shekhovtsov/Extremists have hijacked the Anti-Maidan protests in South-Eastern Ukraine. and their extremism and ultranationalism is fomenting violence and hatred.

MAIN FOCUS: Financial transaction tax for 2016 | 07/05/2014


Ten EU states will progressively introduce a financial transaction tax, their respective finance ministers announced on Tuesday. The tax is to be levied on trading in shares and some derivatives. How high it will be is not yet clear. Some commentators criticise that this minimal compromise won’t effectively curb speculation, while others praise the decision as a courageous step.

Academics speak out against the UK Immigration Bill

open Democracy News Analysis – by Tom Vickers

Researchers are challenging government policy, exposing untruths and contesting the terms of the debate. We must use our freedom to maintain a radical perspective and build an alternative to austerity and exclusion, says Tom Vickers.

The UK and Denmark: growing public euroscepticism

open Democracy News Analysis – by Anita Nissen

The UK and Denmark are two of the most eurosceptic members of the EU, but can the two countries’ eurosceptic movements be compared?

Extremism in South-Eastern Ukraine

Russian demotivator with the caption 'Ukrainian nationalists

Tonight I?m speaking on a roundtable in Edinburgh on ?Reporting Europe?, where we?ll be considering how the media covers the EU and the influence of euromyths in the debate.

I wrote about this last year, but it?s a good time to revisit the issue, given the quality (or perhaps ?quality?) of the media coverage of the European elections to date. This has ? as expected ? framed these elections in terms of national politics and priorities, rather than European ones. Even the innovation of televised debates between the lead candidates of the European Parliament groups failed to spark anything more than passing interest.

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