Eurosphere agenda: “Crowdsourcing Ukraine?s Rebellion…”Q&A: European elections

Tragedy and Confusion in Odessa

The besieged Odessa Union building. A Molotov cocktail has just exploded in the top right corner of the frame. Dozens died in the ensuing fire. YouTube screenshot.


Tense standoff continues in eastern Ukraine
Pro-Russian activists in the village of Yasnohirka blame Kiev and its western backers for recent violence.

Ukraine’s Forces Advance on Separatists in Effort to Reclaim East

KRAMATORSK, Ukraine ? Flames, smoke and acrid fumes filled the air here just after noon on Saturday, blackening the faces of a local man and his pro-Russia separatist pals. They coughed as they worked to rebuild a checkpoint destroyed an hour earlier by Ukrainian forces carrying out the latest stage of an operation against the pro-Russia militants in the eastern part of the country.

Bulgaria has emerged as a key Moscow ally in a stand-off between EU members over a project mired in controversy following the Ukraine crisis

Crowdsourcing Ukraine?s Rebellion

Global Voices Online by Kevin Rothrock
Ukraine’s struggle to maintain Internet silence about troop movements in separatist-occupied areas. (American WWII propaganda poster. Public domain.)

The abuse of history in the Ukrainian crisis

open Democracy News Analysis – by Marco Siddi

The Ukrainian crisis cannot be resolved through the political manipulation of the region’s historical memories. By invoking inflammatory slogans like “Putin is Hitler” and “Ukrainians are fascists”, both Russian and western leaders distort the realities of 21st Century Ukraine.

Tears, anger and prayers for peace in Odessa
Q&A: European elections
As voters prepare to go to the polls the FT provides a guide to the issues facing voters and why the 2014 election is different

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